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Hey there! I'm an Israeli based exteremely passionate professional photographer and a photography mentor. 

To me, photography is all about capturing the most beautiful once-in-a-lifetime moments - a breathtaking view of an amazing sunrise at the mountains, a beautifully lit cityscape at night, an interesting character at the local market or the happy faces of a newly wed couple deeply in love. Those simple and yet amazing moments will eventually tell the story of our lives and will remain in people's minds and hearts forever.

I am absolutely in love with everything related to travel photography - lanscapes and cityscapes, nature and animals, people and cultures and the list goes on. When I'm home, I love my work as a freelance photographer mostly shooting weddings, boutique events, special artistic projects and live concerts and festivals. 

Teaching photography is another great passion I have and I am very fortunate for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with thousands of enthusiast and professional photographers. 

I'm am the Founder and CEO of the PhotoTips Community of Israeli Photographers where I lead photography workshops and courses as well as photography travel adventures around Israel and all over the world. 

I welcome you to explore my travel gallerieswedding galleries and follow my facebook page. I'd be happy to work with you on your next project, so feel free to contact me here.


High quality fine-art-prints of my work are available here

Hope to see you soon.



In my own humble way, I'm always excited to get awarded for the hard work I put into my photography. I must say a huge thank you to my family, friends and followers for their huge support of my passion.


Without them all this would have not been possible!

I welcome you to visit my AWARDS page.

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